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See this beard? What’s your caption? [Read more…]

Child Abuse, an Infographic

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The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory, by Geoff Holsclaw (pt 3)

Scandal of the Evangelical Memory, Part 3 of 5 Geoff, teaching pastor at Life on the Vine Church and a colleague of mine at Northern Seminary, participates as well in Missio Alliance. Falsely accused, John Anderton is a fugitive trying to figure out the truth behind a crime he hasn’t even committed yet. In 2054, [Read More…]

Seminary Teaching, One Year Report

Today is the first day of classes at Northern Seminary, the beginning of the 101st year of Northern and the beginning of my second year at Northern. I have been asked this year over and over about teaching seminary students at Northern, so here are my reflections — under this one: “A great and satisfying [Read More…]