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Coming Very Soon

I am excited about my soon-to-appear commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. It has a distinctive Introduction (on Jesus and ethical theories) and is an attempt to hear the relentless challenge of Jesus for us to follow him. Here’s the cover: [Read more…]

Why Should Christians Care About Science?

From Big Questions Online by Jennifer Wiseman. Dr. Wiseman is an astronomer. Her research uses optical, radio, and infrared telescopes to explore the ongoing formation of new stars in interstellar clouds. She studied physics at MIT where, in 1987, she discovered Comet Wiseman-Skiff. She continued her studies at Harvard University, where she received a Ph.D. [Read More…]

And Then God Instructs (or Rebukes?)… Job and Us (RJS)

In the last post we began to look at the climax of the book of Job in Chapters 38-41, when Yahweh answers Job. Many commentators seem to view this as a rebuke -a diatribe against Job who has incurred God’s wrath in his response to suffering.  Perhaps, however, the more accurate view is that God [Read More…]

Challenging the New Perspective on Paul

E.P. Sanders, and then following him J.D.G. Dunn and N.T. Wright, challenged the traditional Christian consensus of how to “read” Judaism at the time of Paul (and Jesus) in 1977 with his well-known and must-read Paul and Palestinian Judaism. The consensus was that Judaism was a works-righteousness religion in which Jews, not on the basis of [Read More…]