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Eugene Peterson, on pastoring

From Jon Merritt’s wonderful interview with Eugene Peterson: JM: With your experience in both the church and the academy, I wonder what advice you would give to young seminary students today. If you were asked by one to describe what is at the heart of the work of pastoring and shepherding, what would you say? [Read More…]

Abilene Christian University

Recently I was invited to Abilene Christian University by Brady Bryce, chaplain at the university and a young scholar of spiritual formation (and Dallas Willard), to lecture at their annual Bible conference. I want to thank Brady (and Anna Perrey, his assistant), and the good folks of the Stone Campbell (or Restoration) Movement for the [Read More…]

Pastors, the Spirit, and Discernment

Pastors, the Spirit, and Discernment by John Frye (operating with a bum arm … thanks John): I want to seriously address the concept of discernment one more time. I have always been taken by the brief description of the promised Messiah in Isaiah 11: 2-3 (in context). These verses read: The Spirit of the LORD [Read More…]

Calvinist in Thinking, Wesleyan in Living

Don Thorsen, observing over his years many of his Reformed friends, has concluded this: “Although they claimed to be Calvinist, they lived more like Wesley.” Which leads Don to say this: “Although John Calvin profoundly influenced the development of Christianity, John Wesley did a better job than Calvin of conceptualizing and promoting Christian beliefs, values, [Read More…]