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Pastor as Servant

By Aaron Visser, one of our MDiv students at Northern: What is the role the pastor plays in this day and age? For hundreds of years, the role of the clergy focused on interpretation and study.  The Bible was available in Latin and for some in Greek or another language, and a mostly illiterate public could not read [Read More…]

Transformation: God’s Work

In quiet and ordinary ways followers of Jesus are being transformed. Sometimes the transformation is a sudden burst where the changes are dramatic. Most of the time, though, the transformation is that slow process some theologians calls “progressive sanctification.”  What should not be questioned is that God is in the business of transformation. What should [Read More…]

Baptists Talking Unity with Roman Catholics

For a number of years some Baptists and some Catholics discussed points of unity and diversity and came to a wonderful statement, called The Word of God in the Life of the Church: A Report of International Conversations between The Catholic Church and the Baptist World Alliance, 2006-2010. I have clipped the introduction and the [Read More…]