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Michigan, Affirmative Action and Enrollments

From Ian Millhiser: Seven years after a Michigan ballot initiative prohibited the consideration of race in university admissions, African-American enrollment is way down at the state’s flagship university. Black enrollment declined 30 percent at the University of Michigan’s undergraduate and law schools in Ann Arbor. According to Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr, “[i]n 2006, the last full [Read More…]

The Bible: What Kind of Book?

What we think of Scripture can be mapped on a spectrum from God to human, from a divine product to a human product, from God-inspired truth to human perception of God’s ways in this world. That spectrum, though, gets complicated: Do we read it in conjunction with other elements — tradition, reason, experience — or [Read More…]

The Argument against Musical Instruments in Worship

Some, not many, church groups do not believe in the use of musical instruments in public worship. The major example is the Churches of Christ. No less than one of their foremost scholars, Everett Ferguson, takes up his case agains the use of instruments in public worship (The Early Church and Today, vol. 1). What [Read More…]