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I have been teaching the Sermon on the Mount my entire career, so the arrival of this today — along with Lynn’s Philippians — is a special moment for me. Thankful. [Read more…]

Coffee (if you call it that) Distribution (DD)

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Jesus at the Margins, by John Frye

Pastors are fascinated by the life of the Good Shepherd. I have been ruminating about Jesus’ life with the marginalized of 1st century Judaism. I am going to ponder in print some of my thoughts. The more we appreciate Jesus’ life and ministry as a 1st century Jewish man, the more relevant Jesus is to [Read More…]

The Big One in Calvin vs. Wesley

Though Don Thorsen does not say so, his study of “Humanity: More Freedom than Predestination” contains some ideas that may be the big difference between Calvin and Wesley (Calvin vs Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice). Maybe we can reduce it to this: Calvin thinks Wesley trivializes the sovereignty of God while Arminians think [Read More…]