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New Life Leadership and Worship Conference

Recently I was invited by pastor Brady Boyd at New Life Church in Colorado Springs — sitting beautifully under Pike’s Peak — to speak to their Leadership and Worship Conference. What a great time I had. Pastors and leaders conferences provide an abundance of goods: folks can connect with friends, can be stimulated and spurred [Read More…]

The Hope of the Pirates

From People: The Pittsburgh Pirates won their first playoff game in 21 years on Tuesday night, and no one was more excited than Phil Coyne. When the 95-year-old usher, who’s been showing baseball fans to their seats for more than 77 years, was asked by TBS how he felt about the possibility of seeing a winning season [Read More…]

The Public School Concern

Albert Mohler, Southern Seminary, thinks public school education is increasingly less of an option for evangelical Christians. What do you think? The ideological revolution has been even more damaging than the political change. Those who set educational policy are now overwhelmingly committed to a radically naturalistic and evolutionistic worldview that sees the schools as engines [Read More…]

Thanks Bob Cousy

I have a former professor who is a full-time caregiver for his wife, because that’s what love means. Here is a wonderful story about the Boston Celtic great, Bob Cousy: Bob Cousy knows a bit about game plans, and he and his wife, Missie, were always a team. In the early days of their marriage, [Read More…]

One Small Thing

By my friend, Rob Merola: The principle was that although we might not be able to change the whole world, we could affect our little corner of it. So one summer we got together a small group of people who mostly just pulled weeds in a garden at church. We found doing so was profoundly… [Read More…]

Tax Refunds?

Bob Greene, in his inimitable way, cheekily points to the problems in DC by suggesting tax refunds: On the one side of the federal government shutdown are the people whose job it is to run that government: the Congress and the White House. Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals — no one forced any of them to [Read More…]