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So How Big is Africa? This Big!

Wow. [Read more…]

Marriage Pitfalls (by Jim Martin)

My good friend, Jim Martin, VP at Harding Graduate School, wrote this up the other day: Most of us need at least one of these; some of us more than one. 1.  Beware of ignoring your wife’s spiritual development while you focus on feeding yourself and the congregation.  A ministry couple can easily drift apart [Read More…]

Benefit of the Doubt

Many learn that the best faith is certaintist faith, that doubt is the worst kind of failure, and that when in doubt one should pluck up the courage to believe. Greg Boyd, in what will surely become a standard point of departure for conversations about faith and doubt, Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of [Read More…]

Best Religion Blog Post of the Year: On Holy Trollers

Thank you John Blake — Blake, editor at CNN’s Belief Blog, sets out the types of commenters on religion blogs. Here’s the opening and then I list his types — at the link you can read his excellent descriptions and advice. (CNN) –”Yo mama…” Whenever I heard those two words while growing up in inner-city Baltimore, [Read More…]