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Do you see the arrow?

Logos often contain hidden symbols and messages. Do you see the arrow in the FedEx logo?                     Or the “31” (flavors) in Baskin Robbins? [Read more…]

The Star Wars Reboot and the Bible, by Jeff Cook

By Jeff Cook Nerd out with me, and watch the video above. I resonated with these observations and found that all four apply well to why we love the Bible and how we should read it. Rule #1: The setting is the frontier. Star Wars doesn’t happen in the city. It doesn’t happen in parliament, [Read More…]

Certainty is Idolatry

Here’s the argument: we are born with an ache and yearning to find love in the unconditional love of God, and we find this yearning in our desire for “more” and the idea of Sehnsucht; this yearning is to enter into the love of God — the trinitarian community love of Father, Son and Spirit; [Read More…]