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The End of Hand Sanitizers?

From CNN: I am so over this stuff. When it comes to safety and effectiveness, the main concern with hand sanitizers is triclosan, which is the main antibacterial ingredient in nonalcoholic hand sanitizers. “There’s no good evidence that triclosan-containing products have a benefit,” says Allison Aiello, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. [Read More…]

Is it Edible? From the Shepherd’s Nook

By John Frye Jesus at the Margins- 3 The Chinese have a proverbial question: Is it edible? The proverb is not about food. It’s about ideas, concepts, principles. If an idea is “edible” that means it is practical; it becomes a working part of life. It is not theory; it is concrete reality here and [Read More…]

Authentic Faith is Honest Faith

An image of faith for the Christian is that once a person believes and gets matters settled between God and the self that person, if faithful, will ride smooth waters. Turbulent waters may be a challenge but the Christian will settle the turbulence by looking to the Lord. Turbulence, too, could be a sign of [Read More…]