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An Oreo Addiction

From Connecticut College News: I can’t remember the last time I had one, but I remember what they tasted like … in fact, it’s stronger than even that! Connecticut College students and a professor of psychology have found “America’s favorite cookie” is just as addictive as cocaine – at least for lab rats. And just [Read More…]

Re-Inventing the Zipper — Great Idea!

Zippers used to be made of metal (or pot metal), then they went plastic/nylon, but there’s a new Under Armor invention that may settle the distinct problem of zippers — gettin’ the ends connected to begin with! Under Armour is making the bold claim that it’s finally “fixed zippers.” And while its innovative new Magzip [Read More…]

Standing vs. Sitting

Not too long ago I had to build a contraption on my desk so I could stand while I wrote instead of sitting — my neck and back were getting tense and sore and stiff so I built the contraption and all my symptoms went away. Now I discover from this UK study that it’s [Read More…]