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Bring Back Home Ec

Yep, I agree (along with Shop class) with Ruth Graham: WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUNG PEOPLE today? It’s a perennial question, but a certain pattern can be detected in the concerns being aired right now. There’s health and nutrition: Almost a third of Americans under age 19 are now overweight or obese, habituated to a diet of [Read More…]

A Presidential Car (the Beast)

From Autoweek: So the Secret Service decided to design and then build the car from the ground up. “The car may say Cadillac,” explained one agent, “but very little in that car is Cadillac.” Indeed, it is built by an R&D arm of General Motors in Detroit. But “even the Cadillac emblems on the hood [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 26 October 2013

Walking is healthy, healthier than you might think: “Regular exercise, such as brisk walking, may be one of the best prescriptions for improving your health, recent research confirms. One study showed that taking a 15-minute moderate-paced (3 mph) walk about 30 minutes after a meal helped control blood sugar in people who are at risk [Read More…]