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Women’s Ministries: Halee Gray Scott

From Halee Gray Scott, a salvo: This week, I received a third announcement about your ministry. Well, maybe not specifically your ministry, but from three different women from three different churches in three different denominations who run the women’s ministry exactly like you. The first was a notification that you designed a ministry especially for [Read More…]

Pacifism: A Place to Begin

An excerpt from my Sermon on the Mount [see Sidebar to your right], but just an excerpt, and this one opens up the “Live the Story” section on Matthew 5:38-42: (The issue here is kingdom living vs. “realism,” the view that one must live responsibly in this world in light of this world’s realities over [Read More…]

Bonhoeffer: Was he really involved in the attempt to kill Hitler?

First, some context for me. In writing my Sermon on the Mount I struggled with how to deal with Bonhoeffer, or with which Bonhoeffer. I wrote up a section for early in the commentary that set out how I had learned to interpret Bonhoeffer’s ethics in the unfolding of his life and thought. This is what [Read More…]