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Diet Myths: An Infographic

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   [Read more…]

What would you do?

A letter from a reader, and I wonder what you would advise her? Hello Dr. McKnight! I’ve been following your work recently at the recommendation of a friend, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve absorbed so far. In fact, I was one of the questioners during the Q&A [at an event I spoke at some [Read More…]

Playing God

Power, Andy Crouch claims, is a gift, and power is our “ability to make something of the world” (Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power, 17). Or, as he goes on to say, “the ability to participate in that stuff-making, sense-making process that is the most distinctive thing that human beings do. All of life, [Read More…]

Who “attended” those earliest churches?

On the basis of a new approach at looking how to discern the social makeup of the earliest Christian house churches, one based more on housing space occupied than on ideal social types, Peter Oakes has offered to us a new way of thinking more realistically and concretely about who was in the earliest house [Read More…]