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A Church Kind of Theology

We are very excited about the interest and applicants to our new DMin at Northern that I will be directing. This program will focus on this: 1. Study of the New Testament 2. Examination of the NT in its Jewish Context 3. All to help local church ministries. So, it’s a DMin that examines the [Read More…]

Ashton Kutcher’s Advice for Youth

Source: But Kutcher said the system has changed because now “you have people who are famous for the sake of being famous or famous for the sake of being second-generation wealthy families. I think it shifts a dynamic in society and I also think there’s an entitlement that’s starting to emerge that I think is [Read More…]

Comments, Trolls, and Teaching (RJS)

A month ago or a little more Popular Science discontinued comments their web site. BioLogos has been considering the idea, although deciding to retain comments for the time being. The reason is the effect that comments and commenters can have on readers – whether they themselves comment or not.  And, of course, only a small [Read More…]

Jesus as Israel’s Story of God Freshly Revealed

The essence of Tom Wright’s project is to show that Paul’s theology is both thoroughly Jewish and at the same time a reframing of the central elements of that Judaism around God’s revelation in Jesus Christ. Wright sees three main elements in Judaism that Paul “reworked”: monotheism, election, and eschatology. All this in his magisterial [Read More…]