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Rupee, the Dog of Hope

Source A former stray dog has pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created a better life for himself. A life that includes becoming the first dog ever to climb Mount Everest. Say hello to Rupee, the formerly homeless pup who was found starving in a dump in India. His owner, Joanne Lefson, rescued him [Read More…]

The Scandal of Secular Indoctrination (RJS)

The November/December Books and Culture, always worth reading, has an article by Perry Glanzer (whose title I’ve borrowed), reflecting on a book Does God Make a Difference? Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities by Warren Nord.  This book is worth some consideration and conversation. Warren Nord (1946-2010) was the founding director of the interdisciplinary [Read More…]

What did the Creed do to the early Christian beliefs about Jesus?

One of the most common observations about the development of Christian theology, particularly classical orthodoxy, is that it grew, sometimes dramatically, and that those special lines in the Nicene Creed owe their origins to Greek philosophy and not the Jewish faith of those earliest followers of Jesus. Put differently, the creed is not the faith [Read More…]