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Football Costs: The Uniforms

Embedded from Infographics Showcase [Read more…]

Claim: The Bible makes us more progressive

By Benjamin Corey: Go to the link to see Corey’s context and explanations for each claim. While this isn’t all comprehensive, based upon my own experience, here’s my list: 10 reasons why I think reading your Bible more frequently will make you a more Progressive Christian: 1. The more I read my Bible, the more [Read More…]

Marketing Jesus in Ukraine (John Frye)

By John Frye Peter had to meet Cornelius; not just so Cornelius could hear the message of salvation in Jesus, but so Peter could be liberated from the enculturation of his faith (Acts 10). Cornelius receives Peter with expectant joy. Peter arrives with deep-seated, Jewish trepidation. Peter blurts out, “It’s against our law for me [Read More…]

What is the New Perspective on Paul (one more time)?

From Jens Schröter, in his newly translated book, From Jesus to the New Testament: Early Christian Theology and the Origin of the New Testament Canon (Baylor, 2013, p. 134): The following points can be named as its [NPP’s] most important insights: (1) Paul’s thinking should not be understood as an answer to individual plights of conscience [Read More…]