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Leaning In

Source: What revolution is Sheryl Sandberg talking about with this story ?  The one that notwithstanding the many gender biases that still operate all over the workplace, excuses and justifications won’t get women anywhere. Instead, women should believe in themselves, give it all, “lean in” and  “don’t leave before you leave”.  What Sheryl Sandberg means with leaning [Read More…]

“If our church did not allow her to preach…”

One of the strategies to recognize, encourage and mobilize the gifts God gives to women is for males, in positions that can render decisions or empower women, to speak up, stand up and create opportunities for women to speak. I’m grateful to Mike Goldsworthy, at Parkcrest Christian Church outside LA. From Mike Goldsworthy: Today, I [Read More…]

The God of the Gospel

Mike Bird contends, rightly I would say, that the heart of Christian theology is the gospel, which means when we talk about God we need to see God through the lens of the gospel. He attempts this in Evangelical Theology, and he subtitles this section of this textbook-ish book with “The triune God in being and action.” [Read More…]