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The Three P’s of Good Teachers

Source: The first P of amazing teachers is Professional. Amazing Teachers are Professional. Amazing teachers are professional at all times not just when they’re in front of the class…. Amazing Teachers are Passionate. Amazing teachers love what they do. They enjoy teaching.  They enjoy being with students. They’re excited about their subject and take joy in [Read More…]

Strange Fire at Jesus Creed

From Jonathan Storment (go to his site to see the whole thing): I get the Cessasionist argument, and I really respect John McArthur, his writings and ministry have blessed me. I love Joni Erickson Tada (who spoke at the conference) and I very much understand why someone who has endured the suffering of both physical [Read More…]

What We Believe about “Last Things”

Christians have distinct views of the “last things” — in fact, their view of the “last” things (or eschatology) is that the last things have already begun. This is called “inaugurated” eschatology. But there are bundle of topics in what Christians believe about eschatology and evangelicals have (they really do) even more to believe (than [Read More…]