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Know Thy Givers

George Will: WASHINGTON — Residents of Austin, Texas, home of the state’s government and flagship university, have very refined social consciences, if they do say so themselves, and they do say so, speaking via bumper stickers. Don R. Willett, a justice of the state Supreme Court, has commuted behind bumpers proclaiming “Better a Bleeding Heart [Read More…]

The Power of Ideas (RJS)

The nature of human beings, what it means to be human, extends beyond mere material physicality. There are two profound ways in which this is true.  (1) We develop as individuals, but we do so in communities. We are human corporately, not simply as individuals.  A bottom up approach just doesn’t work. Humans are social [Read More…]

NT Wright, Empire Criticism, and a Brief Response

Empire and the Echo Chamber IBR Short Paper 22 Oct 2013 Baltimore Joe Modica and I are co-editors of Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not, a book that evaluates how current New Testament scholars utilize “empire criticism” to discover the anti-imperial message in the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. In other words, that when Jesus [Read More…]