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Men vs. Women, Nature vs. Nurture

Source: “There is biology to some of the behavior we see among men and women,” said Ragini Verma, a University of Pennsylvania biomedical imaging analyst and lead author of the study. “In the population, men have stronger front-back connectivity, and women have inter-hemispheric or left-right connectivity more than the men. It’s not that one or [Read More…]

The Story of those Christian Colleges

At one time many American Christian colleges did not want, did not believe in, and did not want “accreditation” by a national body of accreditation. What those schools wanted was faithfulness to the Bible regardless of what the educrats of this world said. But that all changed, and one of the distinctive features of Molly [Read More…]

It All Points to Jesus

In his new book, Evangelical Theology, Mike Bird points to the centrality of Christ with these golden words: God is known to us most profoundly in the mediatorship of Jesus Christ, and it is through the economic relationship of Father-Son and Son-Spirit that we can glimpse into the Trinity. In creation, God makes the universe in, [Read More…]