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Mandela’s Walk to Freedom

Our generation’s story of freedom The prosecutor’s name was Mr. Bosch and the accused a national  hero Nelson Mandela, who tells his own story in a remarkable book called Long Walk to Freedom.[i] After years in imprisoned exile and then more days in prison connected to the trial and after the prosecutor had summoned more [Read More…]

Madiba (1918-2013) RIP

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How Social Media Makes us Less Social (or?)

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Super-Speed Evolution from AiG (RJS)

My post earlier today dealt with the Tower of Babel and some of the problems introduced by a literal reading of this story. The story of Noah and the flood is another story where a literal reading requires some rather interesting contortions.  Natural Historian had an interesting post on this topic last week: Invoking Super-Speed [Read More…]

Babel in Ancient Context (RJS)

Standing alongside the garden, Cain and Abel, and the Flood we have a fourth classic Sunday School tale in the early chapters of Genesis, the Tower of Babel (2242 BC according to Bishop Ussher). This is followed within a couple hundred years by Abram’s move from Ur to Haran to the land of Canaan, his [Read More…]

Sermons and their Sources

I once was in a situation when a pastor admitted to me that he often re-preached sermons from sermon sources, and he also said he hadn’t thought there was anything wrong with it. What most confused me about the situation was that he was using illustrations from other preachers in the first person — and [Read More…]