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Christmas 2013, To Scot from Scot

One can never be sure one will get under the Christmas tree what one wants. Or, at least I can’t. A couple times this year, perhaps extending back into 2012 or earlier, I mentioned a certain something to Kris and she never bit on it. I got more direct not that long ago, to which [Read More…]

A Reader Asks

This letter is from a reader and concerns preaching a series. What do you think? What’s your advice? My question is in regards to preaching series vs. church calendar vs. preaching through whole books. We come from [the kind of preaching] background [where] the most well-known of those churches often preach through catchy, well-crafted series. [Read More…]

Reading the Bible in its Galaxy

John Walton, this time with Brent Sandy, has done it again. We have a new book that examines how to read the Bible within the categories of thought and practice of the Bible, a procedure that puts back on the shelf approaches that pretend the Bible is using our categories. The book is called The Lost World [Read More…]

How Important is the Virginal Conception?

Affirming or confessing the virginal conception of Jesus is part of the Creed, so the virginal conception figures as a line in Christian orthodoxy. But how important is it? Can one deny it and be a Christian? (One can’t deny it and be fully orthodox, if one defines orthodoxy by the Creed.) Mike Bird, in Evangelical [Read More…]