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First Clue, To Scot from Scot

Here is the first clue. You get one guess and, to win, your guess has to be accurate — not just general. You can guess but only one item in the guess per comment … so no long lists. What do you think I bought for myself? [Read more…]

2D vs. 3D (by Aaron Visser)

The 2D Eulogy Sometimes remembering someone who has passed is like looking at an autostereogram. You might ask, “What’s an autostereogram?”  You may know it by its more popular title: Magic Eye. Autostereograms, or Magic Eyes, are pieces of art composed of thousands of different colored dots and lines.  Depending on how you focus your [Read More…]

Reading the NT in its Galaxy

Brent Sandy’s sketch of reading the NT in the context of its own world of composition and communication, in his jointly authored book, The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority, sketches a number of propositions that will helps us comprehend the NT in its context. (We begin with 5 because the first [Read More…]

How to Read the Bible as Jesus Did

Our passage [Matthew 5:17-20] is the most significant passage in the entire Bible on how to read the Bible, with a nod to Luke 24:13-49, Galatians 3:19-25, Romans 9—11 and Hebrews, because Jesus tells us how to read the Bible. The entire Old Testament or, in Jesus’ Jewish shorthand summary, the Law and the Prophets, [Read More…]