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The Toughest Tongue-Twister

From MIT: Trying to wrap your tongue around a phrase or short poem with repeated sounds is something that humans have been doing for centuries — at least that we know of: the practice probably goes back further than recorded history. We grew up giggling over tongue twisters like “Betty Botter bought a bit of [Read More…]

Help for the Distracted

Source, with good discussions at the site:   [Read more…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

The Joyful King of Riffraff When Princess of Wales, Diana, gave birth to Prince Henry Charles Albert David (“Harry”), it is reported that a town crier, dressed in bright costume and plumes, rang a huge bell and declared, “Her Royal Highness the Princess Diana has issued forth a second son.” Outside St. Mary’s Hospital in [Read More…]

For the Earliest Christians, the Cross was Central

Think about it, the two Big Ones in the church, baptism and eucharist, are participations and witnesses to the death of Jesus. Mike Bird is right, then, when he says “the first Christians preached, remembered, and ordered their lives around the story of the cross” (Evangelical Theology, 385). But how to understand that cross? How [Read More…]