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Layaway Santas, Yah!

Source: (NEWSER) – “Layaway Santas” started popping up around the country in 2011, and the uplifting trend appears to be on the rise this season, NBC News reports. The way it works: “Secret Santas” visit a store that offers layaway and pay down strangers’ accounts. (At many stores, the final payments for holiday presents are due at the end of [Read More…]

Freedom, Tolerance and Christian Persecution

Source: The very concept of freedom, including religious freedom, has ancient Christian roots. Contrary to popular perceptions, the precursors for modern ideas of liberty are rooted in Jewish scripture and the writings of early Christians such as St. Paul, Tertullian and Lactantius. Notions of universal human dignity and freedom were developed by Medieval scholastics and [Read More…]