And the winner is… Andrew Streett

Andrew Streett nailed the clue for the To Scot from Scot gift. Here’s the picture: a lithium battery powered cordless drill. [Read more...]

Top Public Health Risks: An Infographic

Source: [Read more...]

The Bible’s Authority: Thoughts

There are people who listen to a Shakespeare play about ancient Rome and think the man was an authority on Roman politics and history; there are those who read Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and think the man had special insight on what heaven would be like; and there are those who read the Bible and think it [Read More...]

Platform and Publishing

Publishers are concerned about platform, and how to measure that is changing. Evidently Mark Driscoll has a new line of books with Tyndale called Resurgence, and I provide below the questions being asked of potential authors about their platform. Publishers are businesses, of course, and they want to make money on each book. They want [Read More...]