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Christmas with Flannery

From Russ Moore, for CNN: But I think Flannery O’Connor’s newly published “Prayer Journal” is exactly what Christians need, maybe especially at Christmas. The book, recently discovered in the writer’s papers in Georgia and now published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, reproduces the handwritten notebook prayers scribbled down by O’Connor during her years as a student at [Read More…]

The Most Neglected Chapter in the 4-Chapter Life of Jesus

“If we regard the resurrection as simply a kind of certificate of authenticity for the atonement and sterling evidence for life beyond the grave, we have sold the resurrection [ahem, the gospel] short.” So Mike Bird, in Evangelical Theology, 435-436. Which leads me to an opening question for this post: If we factor in the resurrection, [Read More…]

Jesus, Santa and Whiteness

Megyn Kelly declared that both Santa and Jesus were “white” and she set off a storm of ripostes against her claims, ripostes fueled in part by political correctness, by raw politics and some desire to get history straightened out. All mixed into one little brouhaha. (She now claims, to control the damage, her comments were [Read More…]