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Ron Burgundy’s Guide to Dress for Success

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Bethlehem Space (John Frye)

Bethlehem Space, by John Frye. When the Magi asked King Herod where the new king of the Jews was to be born, Herod called the Bible scholars of the day together. Herod, too, wanted to know where. The scholars searched the Scriptures and came up with a location associated with the coming Messiah: Bethlehem (Matthew [Read More…]

4 Problems for the Pastor. 2. Staleness

Here is how he frames the problem: “in the midst of all the pressures that are upon us, how can we not only overcome discouragement but maintain spiritual freshness?” So John Stott, in Problems of Christian Leadership (27). Here is Stott birdwatching in Belfast, and it appears that’s Tyler to his left. No specific passage, he [Read More…]