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Employee Theft: An Infographic

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You Telling Stories?

Are you gathering with families and hearing (priceless) stories? What about this? Who’s telling stories with you? Elizabeth Lanning, like many members of her family, got to know her grandfather on the flight deck of a rebuilt 1965 Cessna as he taught her how to fly. She heard about his travels across six continents, including [Read More…]

The Greatest Drama Ever Staged (RJS)

On Christmas Eve (day) I posted a reflection from one of Dorothy Sayers’ essays in Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World also available under the title The Whimsical Christian: 18 Essays. This is a volume well worth coming back to – and I will. Sayers deserves a far broader readership than she receives. She was [Read More…]

Justification Re-Imagined (NT Wright)

For NT Wright the whole “Paul project” is to learn to see Paul as carrying Israel’s Story but seeing that Story being reworked, revised and reimagined in Christ and in the Spirit … and hence, too, what is meant by justification. There are some debates amongst evangelicals today — like is justification before union or [Read More…]