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What is Saving TV?

Source: As confirmed by cold, hard consumer data, the television industry is under assault from a variety of entertainment options that have presented themselves with the advent of the internet. But while it’s true many Americans have been convinced to “cut the cord” by the convenience of Netflix and the freedom of choice offered by YouTube, [Read More…]

What We Learn from our Children (and Grandchildren)

My graduate assistant at Northern, Tara Beth, sketches what she’s learned from her two boys. Of her nine lessons, I’ll clip 2-4 — nice. Kris and I have been gone this week so our weekly meanderings will be separate posts. Enjoy. 2. Stop being such a know it all.  My boys love to ask questions and are [Read More…]

The Cost of Food Waste

Food isn’t something you should have to worry about; however, even in developed countries like the UK, we’re still seeing around 6% of adults in the UK having to pay for food on credit (in July 2013), causing families to have an increased level of debt. Find out more information and get debt management help [Read More…]