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Zach Hoag: Quitting

From The Antioch Session: No, I’m not quitting blogging or Twitter or de-friending a couple hundred people on Facebook (though I’ll likely do a bit of trimming for the new year). Nor am I giving up on certain topics that might be deemed by some to be “progressive” and “Christian.” Rather, I’m quitting a conversation that [Read More…]

The Bigger (than the Virgin Birth) Context (Ed Fudge)

This post is by Ed Fudge. The statistics alone are startling. The New Testament contains twenty-seven documents or “books,” written by nine men. Some Christian doctrines are so significant that they appear in most or all twenty-seven books, so widely known as to be mentioned by all nine authors. The explanation that Mary’s first pregnancy [Read More…]

Scripture and Authority: Four Propositions

What is the Bible? A very common observation is that you answer that question by what you look for. That is, a historian, using the methods of historians, limited to what historians can say and do, will say it is a collection of documents to be read and interpreted as one would read and interpret [Read More…]