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Thanks to Paraclete!

Kris and I admit to being more than a little hopeful that Paraclete will send us their famous and ridiculously tasty cinnamon bread and apple pie jam gift for Christmas, and this one arrived just in time to usher in the New Year! [Read more…]

Florida vs. New York?

Time: New York, once the largest state in the Union, will soon fall to fourth-largest, demographers predict. Florida, with growing population hubs in Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County and Tampa, will likely overtake or come close to the northeast state in the Census Bureau data to be released Monday, the New York Times reports. If not Monday, experts say it [Read More…]

Neither Gods Nor Beasts (RJS)

Faith-based biology is not limited to conservative Christians and other theists. Neither is appreciation of the powers of science limited to atheists and agnostics. Recently I read a short book Neither Gods Nor Beasts by Elof Axel Carlson. Carlson is a geneticist who taught biology for decades at UCLA and at Stony Brook. He calls [Read More…]

The Church’s Biggest Problem?

People. We all know it. So the biggest challenge for church people and ministry is relationships and getting along with others. John Stott’s chapter on relationships in his newly published book, Problems of Christian Leadership, offers golden wisdom on relational challenges of church life. His first principle is respect based on worth. Good relationships are based on [Read More…]