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How Best to Train Teachers?

I agree: the generous use of “master teachers” is the best way, not classroom instructions. You learn to teach by watching good teachers and by teaching. Our experiences—Will’s as a member of Teach for America in Philadelphia and an education master’s degree candidate at University of Pennsylvania, and Michael’s as a researcher and writer—confirm what [Read More…]

14 Gospel Distortions (Howard Snyder)

A very good set of observations by Howard Snyder, and if you go to the link he fleshes out each one. This issue of distorting the gospel is at the heart of our The King Jesus Gospel. 1. Interpret the gospel primarily through Romans. 2. Focus solely on “personal salvation.” 3. Make heaven the goal. 4. [Read More…]

Are Liberals “Elites”?

One way of telling the story of American Protestant liberalism to fashion liberals as elites and out of touch with the ordinary person in the pew. I grew up on that story, I have read that story countless times, the news media repeats that story ad nauseam … so there must be some truth to [Read More…]

How Young is Too Young for Leaders?

It’s harder to be a leader when young than old, and the old folks don’t always respect the young leaders and the young often get irritated with the older folks. So, what to do? I suggest reading a short chapter by John R.W. Stott, in his book Problems of Christian Leadership (IVP, 2013). Yes, of course, [Read More…]