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Phillip Jensen on Teaching what?

And I totally agree: A simple test of a good teacher is to ask what they teach.  If their answer is Maths, English, Science, History or Geography, they probably don’t understand their role. If they say students, pupils, young people, or adults, there is a possibility that they know their trade. Of course, such a [Read More…]

Make ’em Pros, End the System

The system is that American universities and (semi-)professional sports are joined at the hip, and (for some) the right hip of sports makes so much money for the university the system has no conscience about academic entrance requirements. The solution, in my view, is to remove the athletic programs from the universities and colleges, keep [Read More…]

Introducing Jonathan Storment

As many of you Jesus Creed blog readers know, this blog focuses on Jesus, Bible, churches and ministry. I embrace the breadth of God’s church and I don’t believe any one church has it all locked up … so I work at getting other voices to this little table of mine. Now a revelation: I [Read More…]

Revising the “Deity of Christ” Discussion

If you are listening to the theological discussions today the magical term is no longer “deity” but “identity.” So I’m happy to see Mike Bird, in his Evangelical Theology, open up the chp that talks about the deity of Christ (the chp title is “The Story of Jesus and the Identity of God”), with these words: [Read More…]