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Onion Overdosing

The Onion: PURCHASE, NY—Area girlfriend Caroline Nagler remains in stable condition at White Plains Hospital today, resting in a medically induced coma after suffering an apparent overdose of scented lotion, sources confirm. Responding to a frantic 911 call from her boyfriend, emergency personnel said they rushed to Nagler’s residence around 10 p.m. last night and [Read More…]

Sensitive to Intro-Extroversion?

Carol Pipes: Here are four things extroverted leaders can do to help the introverts on their team. 1. Introverts need time to process information. Provide written information before staff meetings so introverted team members have time to reflect on the material and prepare for discussion. If big changes are on the horizon, try to give them [Read More…]

Jesus and the Sopranos

By John Frye Jesus as a Soprano We’re having a little fun with the Woman at the Well story, presenting Jesus as various media figures. Last week it was Oprah. Today Jesus is one of the Sopranos. The dark clouds cast a cool shade around Jacob’s Well. Jesus and his boys are tired from the [Read More…]

Liberal = Evangelical and Modern

What is liberal theology? When did it start? Who are its major thinkers? Let’s remind ourselves once more how Christopher Evans, in his Liberalism without Illusions, defines it: Theological liberalism is a historical movement born in the nineteenth century that supports critical intellectual engagement with both Christian traditions and contemporary intellectual resources. As opposed to more [Read More…]