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Mega Church Myths (and a hint to some friends who need to read this one)

From Carlos Whittaker: Go to the link because for each he also has the “Truth.” Myth: You can’t find real relationships in a mega-church Myth: Mega-Churches are a mile wide and an inch deep. Myth: Mega-Churches have it all figured out. Myth: Because they pay musicians to play on Sunday morning, there is not as [Read More…]

Evangelicals Turning to Eastern Orthodoxy

It can shock the socks off some ordinary evangelicals when they hear that one of their children or someone they know well decides to jump ship to become Eastern Orthodox. (The same goes for evangelicals who turn to Roman Catholicism, and I have written about this in Finding Faith, Losing Faith, along with Hauna Ondrey.) But [Read More…]

Take a Stand or the Others Will Win!

Glenn Packiam offers an exceptionally insightful piece on what it means to take a stand for Jesus: Nobody’s talking about Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ anymore. Which is why I thought this might finally be a good time to talk about a question that I kept thinking about during the uproar…. But [Read More…]