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Translation Myths

This is from Daniel Wallace’s list, and there’s plenty here to discuss. Dan has discussion and examples for each. What are the most common myths about translation you encounter? 1. Perhaps the number one myth about Bible translation is that a word-for-word translation is the best kind. 2. Similar to the first point is that [Read More…]

What Happens When Jesus Becomes a Televangelist (John Frye)

Post by John Frye: Jesus as a Televangelist The twelve disciples washed the dust off the stones at Jacob’s Well in preparation for Jesus’ evangelistic message to the Samaritans. The Jesus Band Traveling Roadshow booked a 12 noon event at the well near Sychar. Jesus: I think I’ll stand here. The sun hits the best [Read More…]

Theology All Comes Down to This

Theologians are fond of remarking that they can listen to someone speak on most any given topic in theology and know the fullness of that person’s theology. For instance, tell me what Jesus meant when he said “The kingdom of God has drawn near…” and we can figure out what you think about a host [Read More…]