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Surfing and the Benedictines

From Josh Graves: I’m told that some Benedictine monks sleep in their coffin every night. This helps them bodily remember that they are dying, that they were “dust and to dust they shall return” . . . I guess a sticky note on the bathroom medicine cabinet isn’t sufficient. They need the actual coffin in [Read More…]

The Spirit of God in Evolutionary History (RJS)

The second chapter in The Spirit in Creation and New Creation: Science and Theology in Western and Orthodox Realms was written by Denis Alexander, a molecular biologist, the emeritus director of the The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge (UK), and the author of many scientific articles in molecular immunology, as well as the [Read More…]

Confessing the Sins of Our Fathers and Mothers

A post by the author of the brand new book, Confessing the Sins of our Fathers and Mothers, by Leslie Leyland Fields. From  Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers: Finding Freedom from Hate and Hurt (Thomas Nelson, Jan. 2014) I’m walking with my arm on my father’s arm, though it makes me nervous to touch him. [Read More…]