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Fraudulent Background Checks in the Wrong Place

CNN: (CNN) — U.S. prosecutors have filed charges against a security company, accusing it of faking completed background checks to bilk the government of millions of dollars. U.S. Investigations Services used a computer program to “flush” or “dump” background checks — labeling them as completed, when in fact they had not carried out a quality review [Read More…]

More Manly Action, Less Manly in Fact

Source: A few years ago, a team of researchers led by a professor from UC Berkeley set out to test what they called the masculine overcompensation thesis, the theory that when men sense threats to their manhood, they respond by exaggerating their gender traits. The researchers used several approaches, from laboratory experiments to large-scale cross-sectional surveys, [Read More…]

Evolution, Death, Adam, Wright (RJS)

Back in July I put up a post Adam, Adam, Adam, Wright that discussed a range of views on the topic of Adam. In the post I quoted from an interview between Andrew Wilson and N.T. Wright where the question of Adam came up. Recently I happened on another interview, this one when Justin Brierley [Read More…]

What do we do with a past that haunts us? Leslie Leyland Fields

By Leslie Leyland Fields, What Do We Do with a Past that Haunts Us?  Based on Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers: Finding Freedom from Hate and Hurt, Thomas Nelson, Jan. 2014) A woman follows me out of the conference room and confronts me. I’ve just finished speaking on forgiveness. She looks at me with a [Read More…]