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Kingdom Economics

So, how do you respond to information like this from Oxfam? How do kingdom realities influence how we see this? What does this say about or to church life? Given the scale of rising wealth concentrations, opportunity capture and unequal political representation are a serious and worrying trend. For instance: The bottom half of the [Read More…]

If Jesus Were a Hipster, Emerging Post-Evangelical…

John W. Frye This is our final post with the Woman at the Well story when she meets a post-evangelical Jesus. Exhausted from global warming in oppressed Palestine, Jesus chilled at Jacob’s Well in the realm of “the other” called Samaria. Jesus’ cohort left him to buy organic at the nearest fair-trade kiosk. A Samaritan [Read More…]

Your Bible and its Tribe

What depresses me about Bible translation debates today is tribalism. Some have raised the bar of this conversation to such heights that variation is tantamount to heresy. But let’s have a little fun with the tribalism that does exist, that seems almost inevitable, that does sometimes lead to uncharitable divisiveness, but that can lead us to [Read More…]