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Becoming Egalitarian in Greek Class

Source You’re in for a treat today as Meredith and her husband Curtis share the interesting story of how he came to hold his egalitarian position. She said:  I picked my seminary, in no small part, because it fully supported women in ministry.  They had decided the issue long ago, and so I expected to experience [Read More…]

Neal Plantinga Interview

David Moore, who blogs at, conducted the following interview. Cornelius Plantinga (aka Neal) is Senior Research Fellow at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.  He recently served as president of Calvin Theological Seminary.  He also taught theology at Calvin for many years. Plantinga is the author of several highly regarded books.  His recent book, [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 25 January 2014

To my knowledge, a student has never Rickroll’d me in a paper or essay, but this physics student pulled it off. A high school student managed to “rickroll” his physics teacher, cleverly inserting the lyrics of Rick Astley’s ’80s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and lining the words up perfectly. Even more impressive, the [Read More…]