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Finding the Middle

I am so happy to see John Stott’s wonderful little book, Balanced Christianity, republished — this time with a lengthy interview with Stott. Here’s what I wrote for the blurb on the book: I read this book standing in a bookstore as a college student. When done I bought it, took it home, read it two [Read More…]

Zotero Question

I’ve opened a new MS Word file for a new paper I’m writing and when I add a footnote I get short titles for Zotero. Why isn’t it giving me a full citation for the first citation? Anyone know? [Read more…]

What is Christian Art?

From Relevant by Zachary Perkins: I was recently having a conversation on Facebook with a friend who was quite frustrated. His frustration stemmed from how Christians seem to stifle certain forms of art or put certain art into categories, calling them either “Christian” or “Secular.” This has been an ongoing conversation among Christians. Prominent Christian [Read More…]

What Do You Get When You Combine These?

What do you get when you combine laser-like prose, masterful wit, an eye for BS matched for a penchant for vulgarity, a Lutheran-like perception of how law works in the Bible, an obsession with the magnitude of grace, an authentic admission of sinfulness, a progressive stance on homosexuality in the church, an informed sense of [Read More…]

Two Challenges for Pastors

By my friend Allan Bevere When I was in seminary, I remember my teacher Stanley Hauerwas saying that the two most important challenges pastors face are loneliness and self-hate– loneliness because pastors and their families do not feel comfortable, nor do they find themselves able, at times, to develop the kinds of friendships with others [Read More…]