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Palm Beach Atlantic University

I was given the opportunity to be the lecturer at the Sunergoi Conference for leaders at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and the whole event was a string of good times: dinner the night before with my good friend Sam Lamerson and Jim Belcher (both at Knox Theological Seminary), breakfast with my friend and prof at [Read More…]

All means All

Sarah Pulliam Bailey: NEW YORK (RNS) A group of Christian leaders has set up a new campaign to emphasize that all people — gay, liberal, undocumented or otherwise — reflect the image of God. Six Christian leaders, including Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey and her producer [Read More…]

The Ark Tablet

Source People bring all sorts of unexpected objects to the British Museum to have them identified. In 1985 a cuneiform tablet was brought in by a member of the public already known to me, for he had been in with Babylonian objects before. His name was Douglas Simmonds. Gruff, non-communicative and to me largely unfathomable, [Read More…]

Wait, No Miracles? … Wright On! (RJS)

Last Thursday I put up a post that focused on N.T. (Tom) Wright’s  response to listener questions posed by Justin Brierley on the radio show Unbelievable. The link to the show: NT Wright on Paul, Hell, Satan, Creation, Adam, Eve & more – Unbelievable? – 01 November 2013, or the entire Unbelievable audio feed with [Read More…]

Siding with Jesus on the Cross

Making sense of the cross has been the church’s business since the day Jesus died. It’s way of making sense was to theorize or, to put the matter more delicately, to theologize — even if Zinsser taught me long ago that adding -ize to a word is a shortcut. Indeed, maybe so, but the church [Read More…]