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Archaeology and the Holy Land

Source The excavators plan to keep working on the site for another week, but one of the most remarkable finds so far was a mosaic containing a Christogram, or a type of monogram of the name of Jesus. At the time, Byzantine Christians wouldn’t have put crosses on their mosaic floors so as to not [Read More…]

That’s Gospel! by John Frye

“That He was Buried” Captured in Paul’s precise summary of the gospel he preached is this phrase, “…that he was buried” (1 Corinthians 15:1-5). We may not think much of this small fact unless we tie it to the way Jesus died—by crucifixion. Men crucified for treason against Rome forfeited the honor of burial. While [Read More…]

Bring Back the Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is ignored in much of the church and at least one reason the Spirit is ignored in the church is because its theologians ignore the Holy Spirit. To see that this is so compare a charismatic theologian’s Spirit sections with, well, most of the others. In Mike Bird’s Evangelical Theology the sixth [Read More…]