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Source: Tumbleweeds might not seem like a major threat, but if you live in Clovis, New Mexico you should probably just lay down your hope for humanity onto the traintracks of inevitability and pray for a swift end: HUNDREDS OF TUMBLEWEEDS ARE INVADING. And by “invading” I don’t mean “a few of them have bobbled around [Read More…]

Drums and Giving (by Jonathan Storment)

This is post is by Jonathan Storment, preacher at Highland Park Church of Christ in Abilene TX. A few years ago, I read some research on Tony Jones’ blog that was eye-opening. It was about the effectiveness of intergenerational ministry between mainline churches. The point of the research was this:  They discovered a direct and [Read More…]

When Leaders Demand Honor

As we described in a previous post (Putting People in their Place), the Roman world was a world shaped by the “honors race,” or the quest for honor and status. What happens when the gospel invades the honors race? What happens, more particularly, when the apostle Paul encounters the Roman honors race with a gospel [Read More…]