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The Need for a Sabbatical for Your Pastor(s)

Thom Rainer: I have the opportunity to work with lay leaders and pastors. I have a pretty good view of both perspectives. And I am convinced that more lay leaders need to insist their pastors take regular breaks even beyond vacations. Allow me to provide five reasons for my rationale. A pastor has emotional highs [Read More…]

Ham, Nye and BioLogos

BioLogos, yesterday, posted responses to the Nye-Ham debate about evolution and creation. Here is BioLogos President Deb Haarsma’s concluding response: While the debate pitted two extreme positions against one another, I was glad to hear references to other options. Bill Nye repeatedly pointed out that many religious people, including Christians, accept the evidence for evolution [Read More…]

The Great Debate? Nye vs. Ham (RJS)

Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era? As many probably know there was a debate on Tuesday, this one with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, vs. Ken Ham, The Bible Guy. The debate is, for a time at least,  readily available on YouTube. I was busy Tuesday and couldn’t watch [Read More…]

NT Wright: Paul, Israel and the Church

NT Wright’s new study on Paul, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, argues two central themes: that monotheism, election of Israel, and eschatology have been fulfilled in Christ and the Spirit, and that this fulfillment is entirely within the scope of Israel’s Story — it is not “replacement” but “fulfillment.” He knows classical Protestant theologians think [Read More…]