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Good News

From USAToday: After hearing last week that dozens of Utah students had their school lunches taken because their accounts were delinquent, a Texas man decided to help students in similar situations near him. Kenny Thompson, a 52-year-old mentor and tutor at Valley Oaks Elementary School in Houston, did some research and learned that children at [Read More…]

Dear Peyton Manning

By Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: And most proudly, I am a mom of two little boys who adore their No.18 jerseys and can’t wait to find out “how Peyton Manning’s team did?” every Monday morning. So I am undeniably biased. And it is because of my bias — and lack of NFL analysis experience — that makes [Read More…]

Where are the Laments? by John Frye

This post is by John Frye. Some pastoral observers grieve the loss of our ability to corporately lament in our with-it, contemporary, high-tech, juke and jive American (evangelical) worship services. Many Christians it seems have no clue that a whole Bible book is titled “Lamentations.” Or, if they do know, they have no clue about [Read More…]

What do we lose?, Jack asks us

Jack Levison, at HuffPo, asks what we lose when we become obsessed with the creation/evolution debate. No matter what side of the creation-evolution debate you are on, your partisanship costs you dearly. Why? Because it costs you the ability to read the Bible on its own terms. What do we lose by straightjacketing the Bible [Read More…]