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Need a Nuzzle in Your Yard?

Check this out: [Read more…]

It Starts With Genesis (RJS)

The Great Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week was interesting. There is no scientific case for a young earth and Ken Ham did not really offer one. He drew a distinction between historical science and observational science and relegated all scientific evidence for an old earth to interpretation corrupted by a secular [Read More…]

How to Keep Your Preaching Fresh

From my friend Allan Bevere: I taught a Doctor of Ministry intensive last week on leadership in the 21st century at Ashland Theological Seminary. I had ten thoughtful students. One of them asked me on break, “How do you keep your preaching fresh year after year after serving thirty years in ministry?” I spent a little time [Read More…]

Empire Criticism and NT Wright

This is a repost on NT Wright, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, but I do so because I have now come to chapter 12 in our months-long series on Wright’s monster volume(s). So, here it is again: a look at what NT Wright says now about empire criticism. Empire and the Echo Chamber IBR [Read More…]