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What does one cancer doctor eat for breakfast?

Jane MacDougall: Dr. Gerry Krystal was silhouetted by the sweeping vista commanded by the B.C. Cancer Agency building. Behind him, the city was bristling with joggers, cyclists and, even in the dead of winter, kayakers paddling in False Creek. We are a city renowned for its healthy lifestyle…. We’d already discussed the findings from his [Read More…]

Once Again: Immortality is a Divine Gift! (RJS)

The picture to the right is of a hawk that landed with its fresh caught meal outside the window on campus a couple of weeks ago. It was mesmerizing to watch (I’ve got some video clips as well). I was quite distracted from my meeting. Theology did not enter my mind at the time, but it [Read More…]

Leaving the Church: God’s Idea?

By Josh Ross Leaving Church: It is God’s Idea This post is by Josh Ross, author of newly released Scarred Faith, and preacher at Sycamore View Church of Christ in Memphis, TN. It has been said that Memphis has more church buildings than gas stations. You would want a city with so much religious influence [Read More…]